Stay the night – Have a wonderful breakfast – Just enjoy yourself

Enjoy your meal

Maybe you like to stay in the aerea and eat whats on the menu each day.

Here’s what I serve.


The smell of fresh bread, a cup of red-hot coffee, delicacies of the region, a farm fresh egg from our own chickens ...

Our breakfast ensures a tasty start to your day!



Diner or BBQ

Diner is available on request the evening you arrive to order.

I only cook using fresh products.

You can eat what is on the menu that day, a light meal for 15 euro p.p.



When you like we make a fire for BBQ. Its free if you do it yourself.

Its also possible you order it a day before , then you pay 20 euro p.p. excl drinks.




The cellar holds a wide variety of beverages: (sparkling) wines, beers and sodas... all stored at the right temperature. 

Pour yourself a glass and chill out in our lounge, the perfect place to kick back and relax. 


We fire up the wood stove on chilly days.


Hiking backpack

A lunch package especially for hikers and bikers.  A hearty lunch for two and a walking map make sure you are ready for your tour. 

€ 20,- Please order a day in advance.